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    Nature says EU ban on stem cell patents is “an error of judgment”
    20 Dec 2011
    The European Court of Justice (ECJ) “was wrong to weight in on the definition of a human embryo”, according to an editorial on this week’s issue of Nature (15 December 2011). The editorial refers to ECJ’s ruling of last October that banned the patenting of inventions based on embryonic stem cells (see also the relevant [...]

    Free TOPEA Web Tutorial
    20 Dec 2011
    Neurostemcell hits EU Headlines
    16 Dec 2011
    Stem cell headline EU
    Maximising prospects for successful clinical trials of stem cell therapy for neurodegenerative diseases such as Huntington’s and Parkinson’s is possible through solid cooperation between experimental and clinical researchers. The NEUROSTEMCELL (‘European consortium for stem cell therapy for neurodegenerative disease’) project is driving this effort, and positive results are already coming in. NEUROSTEMCELL is supported under [...]

    Study from NeuroStemcell group opens new perspectives for Parkinson’s
    6 Nov 2011
    A study coordinated by Lorenz Studer, a NEUROSTEMCELL principal investigator, has developed a new strategy for the efficient transformation of human pluripotent stem cells (PSCs) into dopamine-producing neurons. The neurons can be implanted into animals where they show “robust performance” by forming new connections and achieving long-term survival. The result is a significant progress in [...]

    European Court bans stem cell patents
    18 Oct 2011
    The European Court of Justice has today announced a landmark decision banning patenting of inventions based on embryonic stem cells. Scientists are concerned that the verdict, which is legally binding for all EU states, will drive development of stem cell therapies outside Europe.

    ISSCR new web site on Stem Cell treatments
    16 May 2011
    We have all heard about the extraordinary promise that stem cell research holds for the treatment of human diseases. Clinics all over the world claim to offer stem cell treatments for a wide variety of conditions. But are all of these treatments likely to be safe and effective?
    The ISSCR provides information to help you evaluate these claims.

    Stem cell patents and the European Court of Justice
    28 Apr 2011
    Stem cell patents and the European Court of Justice

    Junior Fellowship available
    6 Dec 2010
    Junior Fellowship available

    Junior Fellowships available
    6 Jun 2010
    Junior Fellowships available from July 2010

    New EuroStemCell project
    5 Mar 2010
    The new EuroStemCell project was launched in March 2010

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